The Ultimate Guest Satisfaction

We get it, you just want a clean home and you want your family and friends to see how nice and tidy your place is. But your priorities are, and with good reason, elsewhere. Let your local green and natural home cleaning company, Honest Maids, take care of the dirtiness in the house. Our priority is to provide you with the best experience possible. 


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One Step Greater Than Clean

We do more than just clean. We care enough to try to make your home safe and rid germs and avoid using hard chemicals that can put your pets, children and yourself at risk. Aside from cleaning we help keep things tidy!

Clean Restrooms

are Key For

First Impressions

To guests, the cleanliness of your home depends on how clean the restrooms are. Because most consider restroom hygiene as a reflection of lifestyle and standards and we all often disregard how busy we might really be and thus unwillingly neglect certain areas of my home.

Effective and Chemical Free Odor Elimination

One of the perks of hiring Honest Maids in Phoenix is that we offer you a variety of scents for your home. Like a complete spa treatment for your house and your nose.  Spray on carpets, curtains, and other hard-to-wash fabrics to replace lingering odors with long-lasting freshness.


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Honest Maids offers green and natural home cleaning services in cities around Litchfield, Glendale, and Peoria areas covering all of Phoenix and Surprise. Your Maids clean move in and move out, apartment, and also provide routine cleaning services. We clean Airbnb too!