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HOUSE 5 Bedroom x 3 Bath Cleaning

5 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)


We know you take care of your home, even if you clean regularly you develop a pattern and most tend to either just pick up or clean same areas each time. When you hire Honest Maids you get a professionally trained team who has been trained to look for the uncommon, often over looked spots inside a home. On top of that we care enough to try, this may not mean a lot to you but it translates into hard work – elbow grease is not something easily found – you have found it with us.

Why Pay More? Significantly Less Than Other Maids.
Dedicate your time to your family, not to cleaning.
Estimated cleaning time is 3 – 4 hours.

You get:
2-4 Maid Team
No Tricks. No Up Sells. No Haggle or Hassle. Ever.
Green/Natural/Organic Cleaning Products Available
Quality Clean Guarantee.
We always do our best to keep you happy and enjoying less clutter, less chores and less stress.

Up to 5 Bed and up 3 Bathroom cleaning service includes: Kitchen, Dining, Living Room, Hall, Master Bedroom, Guest/Kids Room, Stairs -over 100 point deep cleaning. 

Total Service Now For Only $239.00

Product Description

WHAT A DEAL! Significantly Less Than Other Maids.
Too much of your time is spent cleaning your home. We clean every corner of

your house so you have more time to do what you love.

Estimated cleaning time is 3 – 4 hours.

You get: 2-4 Maid Team, our 100 point clean up through out the home, our Deep Cleaning service, green/natural/organic cleaning products safe for you and your family, quality clean guarantee. We don’t sacrifice your expectations for a quick job.

Up to 5 Bed and up 3 Bathroom cleaning service includes: Kitchen, Dining, Living Room, Hall, Master Bedroom, Guest/Kids Room, Stairs -over 100 point deep cleaning. 

Total Service Now only $299.00

FROM OUR FAQ page:  What type of cleaning services does Honest Maids offer?

We offer deep cleaning for all first time visits. We have over 100 point cleaning in each area of the house that includes cleaning your baseboards, ceiling fans, light fixtures, gunk and grim off your appliances, sanitizing areas and frequently touched and used items. We leave your home sparkling clean and offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Our teams were put together to be incredibly flexible to your needs. Your Honest Maids can do a one time Deep Clean and On-going Maintenance Cleaning of any room or your entire home. Additionally, we offer same-day cleaning services.

Enjoy your new found freedom.

Additional Information

5 Bed – 3 Bath Cleaning

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2 reviews for HOUSE 5 Bedroom x 3 Bath Cleaning

  1. 5 out of 5


    Incredible service!

    I’m so glad I decided to cancel my appointment with Molly maids and try this company out. I was a little nervous about the switch because there wasn’t many reviews to go off of, but after speaking to Diana on the phone I was sold. Diana is professional, knowledgeable and super sweet :) I decided to give Honest maids a try because I wasn’t happy with the cleaning (or lack thereof) I was receiving from MM. There are a few things that never seemed to get any attention with MM, like the baseboards, walls, and cupboard surfaces. In contrast, Honest Maids cleaned every nook and cranny with great detail, going above and beyond and I could not be more happy! I felt bad because it’s been a while since I’ve done a deep clean and Diana and Charisse ended up spending a good 4.5 hrs here, well over what they thought it would take, but they were extremely kind and forgiving. Thank you ladies for leaving me with a super clean and happy home :) I will definitely be signing up for recurring services.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I was very impressed

    I don’t have regular cleaning service so 4 times a year would be a real treat for me. I have had a service once in a while and it usually costs a lot because it’s with a different company and they have a startup cleaning requirement. This was the same with Honest Maids but with the discounts they offered, the initial cleaning wasn’t too expensive. I was very impressed with their initial “deep clean” service – 2 days later I am still finding little touches that surprise me. It started with a noticeably clean door on my way IN from my garage, those little fingerprints that have been there for a while were GONE, the kitchen was spotless (including microwave and stovetop), then my teenager’s bathroom was so clean that my teenager himself commented how clean it was, and then I noticed how they really cleaned up the laundry room (no more dust bunnies in crevices). Their price was competitive to other rates I’ve had in the past but I do feel that they put in more labor than we’ve experienced. I will definitely have them come more frequently and recommended them on my personal Facebook because I know it really is difficult to find a cleaning company that really does a great job AND you can trust them.

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