Never Self Clean Your Oven

Be Honest, when was the last time you cleaned your oven?

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Stop before you hit the self-clean button on your appliance — it’s unfortunately not that easy. Most oven repair calls are due to that very feature. During the self-cleaning process, modern ovens get so hot — we’re talking, like, 1,000 degrees — that the fuse pops and burns out the control panels. Despite this common problem, customers demand the option, making ovens without self-cleaning options difficult to sell.

What’s a germ-fearing baker to do with this vicious cycle? Grab the baking soda.

This easy, toxic-chemical-free way to clean your oven will not only make your appliance shine, it will also keep it in good working order.

1. Remove all that is inside
2. Mix 3-4 table spoons of baking soda with water and lemon juice until you have a thick paste
3. Coat everything inside the oven… it should turn brown.
4. Let sit for minimum 5 Hours.
5. When is time, spray with vinegar…let sit for a few minutes.
6. Wipe off with a wet rag (no napkins, you need something sturdy)
7. Enjoy a clean oven that is naturally cleaned :)

For a clean oven and all another cleaning just give us a call.

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