A woman found a DEAD (baby?) tortoise in her vagina!

phoenix zoo turtle

Ok, so this blog post has NOTHING to do with home or family, but I thought it was just random that it’s most definitely worth sharing! So… Let’s just jump right in.

A woman who was vacationing in Spain found a dead (!!?) tortoise (?!) in her vagina (I Know!!!), the unnamed woman is now actually trying to convince the local police that she has no idea where the turtle came from (WTFkasdfapuhfahuh!?!),  The Sun reports.

The possibly, turtle loving robber, British woman, who lives on the island of Tenerife in Spain, went to the El Mojon hospital recently complaining of severe pain in her genitals.  According to the local newspaper El Día, upon examining her, doctors discovered a dead tortoise in her vagina, which had resulted in a serious infection.

The doctors called the police “over concern about how the animal had ended up in her private parts” and to determine whether she had been the victim of sexual assault. The woman said she did not want to pursue the matter…. HMMMM??! Well, I’m the woman, with no choice but to go to the hospital, I’m going to probably made up a story of how I ‘don’t know’ how a turtle ended up there. But in reality, how can you not know?!? LOL So what do you think?

phoenix zoo turtle

Think she was a victim of possible sexual assault?

Maybe she was having such great nap that didn’t notice a crawly cozing up? or maybe, just maybe – she visited the zoo and loved the little baby animal so much she actually tried to steal one by putting in the only accessible place (if you’re that kind of person!) she had available! LOL


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