Thanksgiving Dinner Clean Up Tips


Easy Ways To Keep Your House Clean During Holiday Dinners

Diana Valle, founder of Honest Maids here with some helpful tips to make your Thanksgiving cleanup easier.  

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Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most special meals of the year. But it often creates one of the biggest messes of the year too.

Thanksgiving dinner clean up tips, but for other cool tips check out my other blog post on 10 Tips for Stress-Free Thanksgiving Hosting

Tip #1 Get Organized

This means setting up multiple bags on your trash container(s) so that you quickly and easily pull out full bags leaving an empty one ready. Run your dishwasher ahead of time and find all the lids to your tupperware or other food containers so that you can quickly put leftovers away.

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Tip #2 User Paper Towels

Use paper towels when dealing with the turkey this Thanksgiving! The biggest mistake I see people do during thanksgiving dinner most people do that I think is also the easiest to prevent is having dirty rags with raw turkey meat on them that you have to wash and meanwhile keep separate from everything else! if you use paper towels you are saving yourself a wash load as well as making your cooking prep a breeze! Clean the inside with a paper towel too! 

Tip #3 Clean Up As You Go

This is pretty much self-explanatory! The Biggest tip I have for you here is to fill the roaster with water and soap! Even before you serve anything. As soon as the turkey is done, get your roaster and let it soak so that it’s easy to wash. If you use an aluminum, you could skip this completely.

Tip #4 Get The Kids To Clear The Table

Having the kids help cleaning has many advantages but during the holiday season they seem to have a lot of energy so hire their help, keep them busy and have them put all the dirty utensils in a large bowl with water and soap. Even if you don’t get to do dishes right after dinner you can easily wash them in the morning.

Tip #5 Host Dinner BYOD style!

Let everyone bring a dish and have it take it home with leftovers and all so that you aren’t left behind scraping food off containers and dishes. Everyone splits the work back at home.



10 Tips for Stress-Free Thanksgiving Hosting


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Easy Way To How To Clean Burnt Food Off A Pot or Pan

how to clean burnt food off a stainless steel pan

Easy Way How To Clean A Burnt Pot or Pan

how to clean burnt food off a stainless steel pan by green cleaning service expert honest maids peoria arizona


  • White vinegar (nothing says “green” like cleaning with vinegar)
  • Baking soda
  • Water (again, green cleaning at its best!)
  • Double-sided sponge


Step 1

Fill the pot or pan with a layer of water. The amount of water you use will vary based on the depth of the pot and the area of the stain. You want the water level to be at or near the height of the stain while still providing enough room for the addition of vinegar and baking soda.

More: What You Need To Know About Cleaning Your Oven

Add about a cup of vinegar to the pot, again adjusting the amount of vinegar based on the depth of the pot and the area of the stain. For very large burns, add more vinegar. For smaller burns or shallower pans, add less.


Step 2

Place the pot or pan on the stove, and bring the mixture to a boil. It shouldn’t take long before you start to notice a difference in the stain’s appearance.

Take the pot or pan off the burner, and turn off the stove. Add 2 – 3 tablespoons of baking soda to the mix. Allow the baking soda to fizz and do its work for a few minutes before emptying the mixture from the pot.

Step 4

Scrub clean the pot with the abrasive side of your sponge. You may need to scrub for 30 – 45 seconds, but the burnt spots should come up fairly easily. If the spots are especially stubborn, sprinkle a little dry baking soda on top of them to help abrade the burn marks away. When you’re satisfied that the pot is clean, rinse it thoroughly — it should look as good as new.
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