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HOUSE 5 Bedroom x 4 Bath Cleaning


 Significantly Less Than Other Companies.
The remaining cleaning fee will be charged the day of the cleaning.


Too much of your time is spent cleaning your home. We clean every corner of
your house so you have more time to do what you love.

Estimated cleaning time is 5 – 5.5 hours

You get: 2-4 Maid Team, our 100 point clean up through out the home, our Deep Cleaning service, green/natural/organic cleaning products safe for you and your family, quality clean guarantee. We don’t sacrifice your expectations for a quick job.

Up to 5 Bed and up 4 Bathroom cleaning service includes: Kitchen, Dining, Living Room, Hall, Master Bedroom, Guest/Kids Room, Stairs -over 100 point deep cleaning.

Other cleaning companies charge you almost $539.00 for your first cleaning!



Product Description

Christina’s {a wife’s, working mom’s, family cook’s} busy day

Early, fun, hectic, happy and sometimes magical!

As a full-time worker, wife, mother to two children (ages 5 and 7) and, as my husband will tell you, someone who likes to “do it all, and do it right” every day is a constant juggle and quest to create more time out of less and less available time. I have a regular job like any other person. Here is my day:

Wake-up: I’m an early bird—so I try to seize “Christina’s time” first thing in the morning (on weekends mostly). I get up between 4:30-5:30am and quickly scan my email, brush my teeth and get the kids’ stuff ready. No time to do the bed.

Breakfast: Super quick, something simple. No time to pick up and clean the kitchen.

School Run: You know how it is. Hectic in the morning and hectic in the evening.

Work Day: Well, you know that is too. Mostly blah.

Family Time: 6-7:30pm is family time, as many nights of the week as I can make it. When I get home I try to have something in mind for dinner, prepare it quickly so we can get to homework. Hubby helps me clean the kitchen sometimes, but often times there are other things that go neglected so is always a balancing act – what to clean and when to clean it.

(Sometimes the kitchen stays dirty until the weekend when we have more time to actually clean good and give it a fresh start for the following week)

Bed: By 9:00, that’s the goal anyway. But because we have so little time after work for family, homework, dinner, and clean up and then showers and prepping for bed we often lay down around 10:00 or 10:30! Only to wake up again at around 5am.

Weekends: We use about half a day to clean the entire house and wash our clothes. I do it mostly myself. Sometimes the house is so dirty I split the cleaning into Saturday and Sunday. I’m tired.


Did it feel like you were reading your own story? You need Honest Maids in your life!

Don’t pay more with others, who charge you more for one time visits. Hire Honest Maids who gives you low prices and best service always!


Additional Information

5 Bed – 3 Bath Cleaning

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