Maids, We’re Not Losers

Maids of Phoenix Home Cleaning Services

We have been in business for a short while, but this is a good thing. Our team is working harder than any other maid service out there to ensure your complete satisfaction. Honest Maids team members are not afraid to work hard and earn your trust and complete satisfaction.

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Honest Maids of Phoenix AZ

Running a business is harder than it seems, you might think “Oh, she has a cleaning business. That’s super easy to launch!” or “Wow, she got a business degree and is doing that?” Some people even go as far as assuming that me and my team are doing this because we can’t do anything else. Well let me tell you that running a cleaning company is difficult, growing it much more. Also know that you offering house cleaning as owner operator is not the same thing as running a company that is competing with large multi-million dollar franchise companies.

I’m writing this because I want to share some aspects of growing a business.

Part of our compensation and benefits to our maid team is that we will work with them to build a team of dedicated members under each who commits to the values and efforts Honest Maids is about. We will do our best to get them their own franchise in their own area fully and independently operated by them. This letter should give them a bit of insight too onto what they should expect. There are days were Honest Maids receives 10 calls a day, there’s others where we get none. In this environment marketing and pricing is everything but we are working hard to build a trustworthy brand that doesn’t have to compete on price alone and instead compete based on quality and commitment.

To do so, there is a branding effort that must take place, the strategies for this are time consuming and any misstep can cause the entire plan to fail. We depend a lot on social media- why? Well

  • Franchise companies have hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in Google Search results, we can’t compete with that.
  • Referrals are huge in this type of business, we are still building ours – most clients will freely share with friends but is harder than it seems to get customers to go to Yelp or others to leave a good review. Unless that review is bad, then you better bet they will be there.
  • A lack of Yelp or Google or BBB reviews is actually a good thing because of this, but few people realize that. Social Media remains key.
  • My husband is a marketing genius! Really! He has achieved for our website to receive hundreds of visits a day on a $0 ad budget. All content and all just good PR which is free.

We would love to use Yelp, and although you can leave reviews there of us we don’t promote in it. WHY NOT?

  • Yelp is running like a mob, unless you are a business you might not realize that you get blackmailed into spending “advertising” with them.
  • Competing businesses are promoted in your own profile!! Unless of course you pay hundreds of dollars a month to keep them from doing that.
  • My personal thought is that once you receive a call from them and reject their “ads service” they stop or reduce the search results for your business!! I tracked this after I noticed a sudden drop in visits where before we had a ton of traffic. – Again, my thoughts based on experience.
  • This leads me to this, if you want Yelp to show more of your business you guessed it! You gotta pay!
  • If you want to have a slideshow of your products or completed services…Yup! You gotta pay!
  • Restrict Competitors Ads on your own page? Yup, you gotta pay!
  • Then they have their actual ad services which help you in return appear in competitors profiles.

So as you see, marketing can be difficult and expensive. Social Media is by far the best approach, as a business owner there are many things I need to make sure get done, like payroll and other HR issues, sales are being processed, insurances and bonding get added to each job and maid member, answer customer and employee phone calls (although my husband takes care of this for the most part).

My husband, he has been helping with a lot of the workload, but the burden falls on me since this is my business and my company. Employee and Customer satisfaction is a team responsibility. So as you can see, there is a lot to do no matter what business you are in and marketing, building a reputation, crafting an image, spreading the word, getting visitors to your website, complying with state and local laws, keeping customers happy, earning trust, building a team, helping with cleans, training and growing the business is not a menial task. It requires a savvy entrepreneur who can take on big enterprises and do so with her chin up.

Yes we clean homes and do so with pride.


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