November is the best month to sell a home

Downtown Panorama of Phoenix, Arizona

Believe it or not! November is by far the best month to buy and or list a home in Phoenix, AZ!


senior home buyersHi! I’m Humberto (Marketing) I hold an Arizona Realtor license, although I don’t ‘hang it’ at a broker’s office, and I tend to look at the trends in the market (I also do this for marketing purposes for Honest Maids) and I have found out that November is actually the best time of the year to list a home here in our lovely Phoenix Arizona.

Most Arizona home buyers refuse the idea of listing a house near thanksgiving or Christmas time and this holds true to buying. WHY? Well think about it, you might have plans to travel to visit family or family might be planning to visit you for the holidays, the last thing you want to do is be in the middle of packing or unpacking all of your belongings. October/November  is just the right moment during the year giving you plenty of time to work on the house, clean it up to take some nice pictures and have it listed through the month and end of year. The beginning of the year is when a lot of those who don’t buy in September or October will buy in because the holidays are past and income tax season for many equals down payment money. Plus families are eager to start the year in a new home.

family painting project

Those who are looking to purchase a home before the holidays negotiate more aggressively and those who don’t have the time for it simply often offer more than original asking price – If you are a seller what I find even better is that a lot of sellers often take their homes off the market during the holiday season (You know, to avoid having to show their home during their Thanksgiving break). Less homes listed means less competition and more exposure. Motivated buyers and sellers can take advantage of the perfect timing October brings to the Phoenix real estate and get a home sold with reduced asking prices, maybe having the appliances or that pretty coffee table they have included.

Are you getting ready to move out of your home?

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