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Welcome to this page and welcome to our team. Honest Maids is a small company, we’re growing and learning as we go. With this learning comes changes and of course trial and error. This video and image references are made to help you build a better picture of the work that we do but also how your personal touch adds value to what we do as a team and the reason why our clients trust us. Please watch this video first, it gives you the general order of how a team of 2 cleaners will approach a client’s home for deep cleaning and for house cleaning maintenance.
The images below that follow give more detail as to how we clean, what we do clean and what we don’t clean.

About The Video:

  • The Reason Why One Honest Maid spends more time in the kitchen is because that’s where typically most families spend their time together and it gets used a lot. There is grease, grime, hard water, food, dust, oils, and more that accumulate. This needs to be cleaned. But also, more importantly, we spend a lot of time there because we want to make sure that when a client is using their kitchen, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 days a week after we cleaned it – for them to stumble onto something we cleaned that one one else, not even they have cleaned before. Each house is different – but our goal is the same = pleasantly surprise them.
  • A kitchen, should take about 1/3 or 1/2 of the time as the rest of the house. In most cases it will be closer to 1/4 or 1/3 of the time. Example: If a 3 bedroom/2bath house is scheduled for 3.5-4 hours. The kitchen could take approximately 1.5 hours at most. During this time, most house bathrooms and or common areas can be cleaned by someone else .
  • If you are not cleaning the kitchen, you will most likely be starting with the bathrooms. Please start with the further most back area of the home and always work your way towards the front entry door.
  • When you are done with Bathrooms, please remember to wash/sanitize your hands and then move on to the bedroom/common areas.
  • When it comes to bedrooms – Unless client has asked us not to, we always make the beds or at least extend their blanket sheets for them.
  • STEP 8 – Is detailing. During detailing, both people can be doing this at this point or one person can be going into every area doing a quick final check overlapping with detailing.
  • Keep Brochures/Cards In Vehicle until you are done and ready to leave.

These Are Our Clothes

honest maids cleaning clothes home cleaning service maid training


These images are here for your reference. Please note that not everything has been shown. When you are in a home, empty or occupied, always think:

“Let The Room I’m Cleaning Give A Great First Impression.”

Before you consider a room finished, go the front entry of the area, usually the door, and look around. Does it look amazingly clean? Can you feel the clean? If you cannot, then you are probably not done and something is missing. If you can’t see or know what, please make sure to ask a teammate to check your work before leaving the home.


Please pay close attention to this images, they have the major detailing areas noted as well as some of the main tools or supplies used to get the job done. We didn’t show all the possible variations here but this guide should give you a good start understanding what is done and how when cleaning a client’s home.

As with any room, when we start in a bathroom the first thing we do is remove all dust off ceiling level areas/items. Bring dust from top to floor.

Hard Water stains on the shower/bathtub door glass is very common – we can remove this by using Barkeeper’s Friend (liquid or powder) plus dish soap and our plastic covered Yellow Sponges. You will still need to scrub hard and carefully to not break the glass, but it does come out. If you can’t remove it on the first try, let the mixture sit a second time and then try again.

bathroom cleaning guide



before and after shower cleaning maids el pasocloset cleaning

2Beforewall - Copycomon area cleaning guide kitchen cleaning guide 3

Screenshot 2016-05-28 20.38.28

kitchen cleaning guide

It’s all about details.

With that in mind, laundry rooms are included and even though we aren’t as detailed here you should always aim to let the room make a good impression. We clean:

  1. Outside appliances and we open/lift the doors and clean outline
  2. Dust/Clean the shelving
  3. Dust/Clean the water/drain hook up box (shown in next picture)
  4. Dust/Wipe Shelving. Specially Move In/Outs and When Empty.
  5. Mop/Sweep
  6. Clean underneath appliances and behind as much as possible but without spending more than 1 minute doing this.

laundry room cleaning guide

This is the hookup box as listed in item #3 above


honest maids cleans laundry room hook up box maid service


We rely on each other and as a company we rely on your suggestions, ideas, feedback and any contribution you can provide us. We are a small business and each day we should get to work, asking ourselves – not whether or not we have a job, but instead, how many ‘jobs’ we can do today. The more value, the more communication we have the faster and better the company will grow allowing us to also grow professionally and promote as we grow.

Next, Please Read: Honest Maids’ DOs and DONTs


Honest Maids Home Cleaning Service has been recognized as on of Arizona’s best-regarded cleaning company. Is no wonder that we have, we are constantly testing new products, provide ongoing training, love and take care of our team, and generally try our very best to impress each of our clients! Without your effort we have nothing as a company, job security, personal and professional growth is hurt if your attention to detail, team effort and collaboration is not at its best. Please let us know of anything you need to help you complete your job better and or accommodate with physical needs or adjustments.  You are Honest Maids and we are highly regarded because of people like you. Let’s keep doing our best and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. 


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*Honest Maids takes pride in the collaborative effort we put forth with contractors and employees alike treating everyone with respect and allowing for development knowledge as well as opportunities on a situational case by case basis. All contractors who join us do so understanding that they are contractors, that they can terminate their partnership with Honest Maids at any moment, receive help, resources to facilitate their own work completion but that by no means do these opportunities and resources bind either party to be responsible for one another. Open communication is encouraged.



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