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Honest Maids Founder Diana Valle

diana valle founder of honest maids avondale chandler phoenix grand canyon university graduate

Diana Valle, Honest Maids Founder, Grand Canyon University Graduate

Why I started HM:

When I set out to create my own company, I wasn’t looking to replicate other professional cleaning services in Phoenix – it was clear to us that their processes don’t work and are dramatically overpriced. Franchise cleaning companies like Molly Maids or Merry Maids have high ownership costs and royalty fees which are passed on to you the customer. Don’t even get me started with those single cleaner freelancers who are definitely not professional or reliable!
My mission is to give the residential service industry in the Phoenix
 area a fresh start with highly effective and luxurious cleaning services that are completely free of hassles and avoid harsh chemicals. People deserve to live stress free and with as much free time as possible. Me starting Honest Maids is my contribution to all who invite us into their home. As a cleaning company we seek to challenge the belief that ‘natural products’ are less effective. I’m passionate about promoting a  health-conscious and hassle-free lifestyle while committing to safety, honesty, sustainability and transparency; part of how I am committed to this is by giving you a way to buy home cleaning services, products so that getting your home cleaned no longer requires an estimation visit by someone, then the pushy the sale, then scheduling and then finally getting someone finally showing up and doing the cleaning. With Honest Maids of Arizona and Texas  you simply select the size of your house, I personally give you a call for any further requirements you have for us and our professional care team shows up at your desired time.

Ask Diana!

Why did I choose cleaning?

We live in a modern fast paced life, is busy and stressful – I saw a need. Most maids are women hired by women yet services are highly overpriced and maids under paid. I wanted to change this while promoting well being and peace of mind that comes with having a sustainable cleaned home.

Why run the company?

I believe that a service that is hired primarily by women should be ran by a woman, someone that understands a household needs and wants. I have a business degree from Grand Canyon University (#GoLopes !!) while my husband Humberto Valle has a Masters in Business from GCU as well. We are applying all we know into improving the operations and changing what it means to hire a maid service. Is not just about cleaning.

Who are our services for?

If you are simply trying to free up more time to enjoy life or looking for an affordable gift for that special someone – Honest Maids of Phoenix offers affordable value that everyone can enjoy. We have cleaned houses of all sizes in all areas of the valley. We don’t compromise on: quality and safety of our products and cleaning methods. We offer a level of cleanliness you can feel good about.

My story:

As a Hispanic growing up in Phoenix, I didn’t learn about the importance of a relaxed healthy lifestyle was until it was a bit too late. As society have a hectic modern schedule, always running errand, working, cleaning, we are also go-getters, entrepreneurs, and if you have a family your free-time is much less. A few years ago I became ill and that’s when the importance of a life with less chemicals, more organic, and eco-friendly products really became clear and as my health, time and husband’s time allowed we cleaned our home then needed to hire maids to help us out… Unfortunately, hiring the right maid service was so difficult and time consuming! Honest Maids was started because I believe that a clean home has the power to improve a person’s mood and promote a healthier lifestyle getting rid of the stressful and tiring chores around our home. Cleaning it for you must be so much better. We give you more free time, take away exhaustion, clean with safe products and offer our hands as friends!

a clean home improves our mood and promotes a healthier lifestyle

A clean home improves our mood and promotes a healthier lifestyle

I began searching for the best cleaning products that are industrial grade and as effective as the chemical based products used by other maids, I set out asking other maid clients for pet-peeves and wishes and created a cleaning method that is not only efficient but is sustainable and allows us to pay our maids more while charging you a lot less! This is something I am truly proud of and exited to be a part of.


We serve Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe, Estrella Parkway, Litchfield, Peoria, Phoenix, Avondale, Tolleson, Glendale, Buckeye, Paradise Valley and all other overlapping areas surrounding our beautiful metro Phoenix AZ- Request a quote from us. 

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