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Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, but often times it’s just a rectangle in the middle of the room with some blankets thrown on it. Have you ever wondered how to make your bed look as picture perfect as the ones you see in magazines? And furthermore, have you ever questioned if it’s actually worth making the bed every morning?

To answer the latter question, the latest report from Psychology Today indicates
that over 70 percent of morning bed-makers consider themselves happy, whereas over 60 percent of non-bed-makers consider themselves unhappy. Is a straightened comforter the route to joy? It doesn’t hurt to find out! And to help you make your bed as perfect as the ones in TV shows and magazine spreads, here’s a helpful guide.

Step 1: Invest in Good Quality Sheets and Tuck Them in
Luckily for us, we live in Arizona where there is much variety in styles, quality and prices to chose from! Give your linen the attention the deserve, let them express who you are and remember that just like your daily clothes, they go through a lot of use, so invest in great quality! While you don’t need to buy 1000-thread count Egyptian cotton, it is important to get something that’s going to feel comfortable night after night. Once you have the ones you want, start making your bed by putting on the fitted sheet first. Make sure that all the corners are lined up and pulled extra tight. Next, place the top sheet upside down (you do this so that when you fold over the top edge, the pattern or finished edges are visible).

Step 2: Add a Thin Blanket
These are fluffy over through type blankets that you might use during summer but not in winter.  A thin blanket (which by the way is perfect for our Arizona weather!) paired with a fluffier one makes you more cozy and comfy but it also makes the bed look so freakishly amazing when is all done! At the head of the bed, fold the top sheet and blanket over together about 12 inches. Tightly tuck the sides of the top sheet and blanket under the mattress. When winter starts blowing in, consider investing in a microfiber blanket or wool blanket to best trap the heat and keep you warm at night.

Step 3: Spread Out the Comforter
Whether you have a #duvet (we’ve noticed that a lot of our clients are using these more and more!!) or a comforter, drape it over the blanket. The comforter should be centered on top of the bed with equal amounts of overhang on the sides and bottom. Then, fold over the top half of the comforter to reveal the top sheet and blanket underneath. Coverlets are also popular these days. These are thicker blankets that can act as a lightweight comforter during the summer months. Are you on Facebook? Add us too.

Step 4: Throw on the Pillows (of various sizes!)
A trick we’ve learned about pillows is that you need to arrange them in triangular fashion; you want to start by placing the larger pillows at the very back, these are your foundation, then go for the standard size (sleeping pillows) and place them on leaning but have 1 less pillow than the row before, so if you started with 3 now you will have 2. Next the smaller decorative pillows go last.

Step 5: Add Details
Adding a folded quilt or blanket at the foot of the bed can add another layer of visual interest to the overall look of your bed. Be careful not to get too crazy with the patterns, but if it fits within the design, go for it! If you are a realtor here in Phoenix, call your local maids, when we clean the properties for you we will make sure to make the bed be focal point of a space to showcase what a house can really look like when is nice and clean and nicely staged.

What’s the best part of having an inviting bed?  Getting into those crisp cool sheets after a long day and drifting off into a good night’s sleep. And remember, if you don’t feel like changing the linens yourself, Honest Maids can help. We’re here to up tidy up and clean your bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom. Call us at 602-500-2285 today!


Fast & Easy Fridge Organizer!


Fast & Easy Fridge Organizer!

We often throw away food that we really wanted before but because it gets lost in the abyss of our #fridge it expires before we find it again.

This trick is super easy and cool!

1. get yourself transparent plastic shoe containers from stores like Walmart.
2. Stick a piece of white scotch tape and label 3 containers: Priority,
About to Expire,
(Person’s Name) Snacks
3. You guessed it, place items accordingly.

You can have extras for EGGS, CHEESE, ETC.

This should help you stay organized, reduce food waste and enjoy more of that yummy food you have already paid for.


Are You Ruining Your Hardwood Floors?!


Many Arizona homes don’t have hardwood floors but the ones that do often enjoy the added warmth and character it gives to the house. Hardwood flooring can give your house a modern or rustic look depending on your decor style – As long as you take care of the floor properly. Caring and cleaning flooring in general largely overlooked in a house!


1. Don’t let spills wait.

Letting milk, juices or other liquids to sit on the hardwood floor will often stain permanently the area ruining your beautiful hard wood flooring or costing you much more to fix. Dry up with a cotton towel tapping on the floor instead of wiping smearing around.

2. Not Having an Entry Mat.

I know, I know… If you have a modern style you probably don’t want an ugly mat at your entrance but having a mat to scrub your shoe soles clean, tap on it to loosen small rocks and or to leave your shoes behind can drastically improve the lifespan and shine of your floors.

3.High heels.

Entry mats remind me! If you often wear high heels you are scratching the grains of the wood, this almost microscopic wood scratches will build up giving your wood a worned-out look also making spills harder to completely clean out and avoid stains.

4. Not Sweeping often!

This can be hassle, but lucky for you there are amazing professionals like Honest Maids that will do this for you at each visit. When you sweep, you are removing lose particles like rocks, gravel, dirt, food, dust that are scratching your beautiful hardwood flooring. So sweep and vacuum often… better yet, let us do it for you.

5. Use the right type of vacuum!

Not all vacuums are created equal! There are some vacuums that are not meant to smoothly glide through your floors and lack the suction strength required to pick up from a flat surface. If you use the wrong attachments you could also be scratching the floor as you try to avoid just that by removing the lose particles. Our professional team here at Honest Maids of Phoenix Arizona use Dyson vacuums with more suction power than most and with special attachments just for hard smooth flooring like hardwood.




Honest Maids of Arizona cleans with all natural cleaning products, featuring Jessica Alba’s Honest Company cleaning products.

When me and my husband were writing down things on what was going to become the Arizona Honest Maids business plan one of the main things we both figured were important to us was the trustworthiness in the products we used in our home. Jessica Alba had then, recently launched her Honest Company and we loved the products we had tried. Their products are pricier than other non-organic or green products available but in our experience they are worth every penny.

Honest Maids is proud to announce that part of our Health Responsibility and Promise, we offer Honest Company cleaning products to you at no extra cost!





Making HonestMaids A Scalable Business

Group of women standing in the circle, smiling at the camera, low angle view.

Yes, Honest Maids is a cleaning company but I don’t like to see it as just that. My purpose for creating this company has never been to give myself another job, or to be a business owner. In 2012 I became ill and after months of fighting high costs for cleaning services my husband and I decided it was time. We hired a few of the local cleaning companies, some freelance contractors and we were never satisfied with the level of service and their rates. I mean some of those rates are just ridiculous and the way they base their fees are so exaggerated. I began training my own hired contractor so that she would understand the perspective of good business operations and customer satisfaction; my background is in business and quality assurance. She loved it and her other clients did too. I knew I could help other families through better service and lower prices.
I want to share with you my plans (partial) as to how I am hoping to grow Honest Maids to be a scalable sustainable business here in the valley.
1. I will never outsource our core competitiveness which is our dedication to you, our neighbors and patrons.
2. Provide our team members with all the attention and care that is offered to our client family so that our team members can better provide for their families and don’t see the ‘maid industry’ as a temporary employment. Part of how I intend to do this is by training our Honest Maids in the areas of business, marketing and customer service.
3. Test! We are young and agile and I plan to take advantage of this by continuously testing new product offerings to you, new pricing strategies so that we can save you more money without sacrificing our Honest Maids livelihood. Test new products in house so that we can always make our services faster and more efficient and ever more safe.
4. Hire entrepreneurs.
5. Stay on top of a niche. By recognizing market deficiencies we can better test and better cater to your needs and offer amazing solutions for your home.
6. Always ask for new opportunities and provide those opportunities to our Honest Maids and team members.
7. Add more services to better serve you and your home.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions?? Send me an email at info@honestmaids.co
Do you want to work with us? Click here for more information.