My story

Here is a bit more about myself.

As a Hispanic growing up in Phoenix, I didn’t learn about the importance of a relaxed healthy lifestyle was until it was a bit too late. As society have a hectic modern schedule, always running errand, working, cleaning, we are also go-getters, entrepreneurs, and if you have a family your free-time is much less. A few years ago I became ill and that’s when the importance of a life with less chemicals, more organic, and eco-friendly products really became clear and as my health, time and husband’s time allowed we cleaned our home then needed to hire maids to help us out… Unfortunately, hiring the right maid service was so difficult and time consuming! Honest Maids was started because I believe that a clean home has the power to improve a person’s mood and promote a healthier lifestyle getting rid of the stressful and tiring chores around our home. Cleaning it for you must be so much better. We give you more free time, take away exhaustion, clean with safe products and offer our hands as friends!

I began searching for the best cleaning products that are industrial grade and as effective as the chemical based products used by other maids, I set out asking other maid clients for pet-peeves and wishes and created a cleaning method that is not only efficient but is sustainable and allows us to pay our maids more while charging you a lot less! This is something I am truly proud of and exited to be a part of.

Making HonestMaids A Scalable Business

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Yes, Honest Maids is a cleaning company but I don’t like to see it as just that. My purpose for creating this company has never been to give myself another job, or to be a business owner. In 2012 I became ill and after months of fighting high costs for cleaning services my husband and I decided it was time. We hired a few of the local cleaning companies, some freelance contractors and we were never satisfied with the level of service and their rates. I mean some of those rates are just ridiculous and the way they base their fees are so exaggerated. I began training my own hired contractor so that she would understand the perspective of good business operations and customer satisfaction; my background is in business and quality assurance. She loved it and her other clients did too. I knew I could help other families through better service and lower prices.
I want to share with you my plans (partial) as to how I am hoping to grow Honest Maids to be a scalable sustainable business here in the valley.
1. I will never outsource our core competitiveness which is our dedication to you, our neighbors and patrons.
2. Provide our team members with all the attention and care that is offered to our client family so that our team members can better provide for their families and don’t see the ‘maid industry’ as a temporary employment. Part of how I intend to do this is by training our Honest Maids in the areas of business, marketing and customer service.
3. Test! We are young and agile and I plan to take advantage of this by continuously testing new product offerings to you, new pricing strategies so that we can save you more money without sacrificing our Honest Maids livelihood. Test new products in house so that we can always make our services faster and more efficient and ever more safe.
4. Hire entrepreneurs.
5. Stay on top of a niche. By recognizing market deficiencies we can better test and better cater to your needs and offer amazing solutions for your home.
6. Always ask for new opportunities and provide those opportunities to our Honest Maids and team members.
7. Add more services to better serve you and your home.

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What’s Being Green?

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Being green is about more than the cleaning products we use or clever taglines. Being green is about having a sustainable, family focused process that uses recycled materials and natural based products whose own brand focus is on par with our own and yours.

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Honest Maids makes your life better with a cleaner home.
We are committed to your health. – Diana Valle