A New Way To Franchising

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chicago, portlad, san diego, new jersey, bergen, sussex, mahwah, jersey, alpine, cresskill, austin, houston, san antonio, las cruces, albuquerque, new mexico, home, house, cleaning, honest maids provides house cleaning services green natural products and chemical free supplies

Many of us have a dream of owning our own business and while the majority of us can’t figure out what to do, how to start, and when to take the plunge there are a lot of of us who look into franchising as an option to get in business for ourselves.

Franchising however is too damn expensive!
Forget about the time it takes to research the right company, the right market and industry and then go through the application process, the financing process and then training… Woah! …and you still have monthly royalties to have to pay and minimums to meet.

That’s why Honest Maids has come up with a new way to do Franchising
Let’s face it, the cleaning industry is very competitive because is so easy and affordable to start on your own right away. The cleaning janitorial industry is so sought after because is so lucrative, you can make as much money as you are able to earn working directly on the jobs yourself or simply running a business and closing deals for your teams. Starting a business might be easy, but what most don’t realize is that is super hard to actually grow a cleaning business by yourself promoting the same way everyone else does and to the same people. The fact that this industry is so easy to get into is actually a huge reason why many don’t make it – most new owners lack the discipline and insight to grow sustainably. That’s where Honest Maids comes in.
This Arizona based company has figured out that instead of competing against one another, business owners should work together to help control prices and expectations by consumers. This company has also leveraged the power of social media and digital inbound marketing which has helped it grow in to a total of 7 cities and several states. For those who are starting out and want to compete solely based on price, the harsh reality is that they won’t last but if they join forces under a brand that is helping promote their business in their market and requires no monthly minimums, no royalties – well that just a no brainer – why wouldn’t you join?
Honest Maids sells Branding Memberships!
A new business owner interested in a franchise just has to pass an initial application process, and then subscribe to the companies marketing campaign efforts. Each month that you pay you have the right to leverage their brand, get included in their marketing campaign, receive training, leads, support and more. Similar to a franchise but without the ridiculously high fees! This is how franchises should always operate because when a company helps their new members succeed their overall brand power increases, their profits increase and their sustainability increase. Is how franchising should be done – on membership with no minimal almost-zero financial pre-requisites. Start your own business as a membership owner of an Honest Maids in your city. Email info@honestmaids.co for more details.


el paso realtor property manager blog how to make a bed in el paso maid service cleaning affordable home cleaning service

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, but often times it’s just a rectangle in the middle of the room with some blankets thrown on it. Have you ever wondered how to make your bed look as picture perfect as the ones you see in magazines? And furthermore, have you ever questioned if it’s actually worth making the bed every morning?

To answer the latter question, the latest report from Psychology Today indicates
that over 70 percent of morning bed-makers consider themselves happy, whereas over 60 percent of non-bed-makers consider themselves unhappy. Is a straightened comforter the route to joy? It doesn’t hurt to find out! And to help you make your bed as perfect as the ones in TV shows and magazine spreads, here’s a helpful guide.

Step 1: Invest in Good Quality Sheets and Tuck Them in
Luckily for us, we live in Arizona where there is much variety in styles, quality and prices to chose from! Give your linen the attention the deserve, let them express who you are and remember that just like your daily clothes, they go through a lot of use, so invest in great quality! While you don’t need to buy 1000-thread count Egyptian cotton, it is important to get something that’s going to feel comfortable night after night. Once you have the ones you want, start making your bed by putting on the fitted sheet first. Make sure that all the corners are lined up and pulled extra tight. Next, place the top sheet upside down (you do this so that when you fold over the top edge, the pattern or finished edges are visible).

Step 2: Add a Thin Blanket
These are fluffy over through type blankets that you might use during summer but not in winter.  A thin blanket (which by the way is perfect for our Arizona weather!) paired with a fluffier one makes you more cozy and comfy but it also makes the bed look so freakishly amazing when is all done! At the head of the bed, fold the top sheet and blanket over together about 12 inches. Tightly tuck the sides of the top sheet and blanket under the mattress. When winter starts blowing in, consider investing in a microfiber blanket or wool blanket to best trap the heat and keep you warm at night.

Step 3: Spread Out the Comforter
Whether you have a #duvet (we’ve noticed that a lot of our clients are using these more and more!!) or a comforter, drape it over the blanket. The comforter should be centered on top of the bed with equal amounts of overhang on the sides and bottom. Then, fold over the top half of the comforter to reveal the top sheet and blanket underneath. Coverlets are also popular these days. These are thicker blankets that can act as a lightweight comforter during the summer months. Are you on Facebook? Add us too.

Step 4: Throw on the Pillows (of various sizes!)
A trick we’ve learned about pillows is that you need to arrange them in triangular fashion; you want to start by placing the larger pillows at the very back, these are your foundation, then go for the standard size (sleeping pillows) and place them on leaning but have 1 less pillow than the row before, so if you started with 3 now you will have 2. Next the smaller decorative pillows go last.

Step 5: Add Details
Adding a folded quilt or blanket at the foot of the bed can add another layer of visual interest to the overall look of your bed. Be careful not to get too crazy with the patterns, but if it fits within the design, go for it! If you are a realtor here in Phoenix, call your local maids, when we clean the properties for you we will make sure to make the bed be focal point of a space to showcase what a house can really look like when is nice and clean and nicely staged.

What’s the best part of having an inviting bed?  Getting into those crisp cool sheets after a long day and drifting off into a good night’s sleep. And remember, if you don’t feel like changing the linens yourself, Honest Maids can help. We’re here to up tidy up and clean your bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom. Call us at 602-500-2285 today!


woman jumping on horse

Kylie Katz is 16 and already she has learned some of the biggest and toughest lessons in life.

As a competitive equestrian, she practices six days a week and has learned to work in partnership with her horse, Tucker. When ring-like rashes started appearing on her face, her family and doctors suspected ringworm. But the medications didn’t work, so she had blood tests and a biopsy before being diagnosed with Discoid Lupus approximately six months later.

Her mother Michele is a registered nurse and her mother’s wife, Melissa, is a nurse practitioner. Kylie has two brothers– Jonah, age 3, and Grey, 8 months old. The absence of common symptoms, such as joint pain and fatigue, made her parents overlook lupus as a possibility. Kylie’s parents were persistent in advocating for her care and pushing for a diagnosis quickly, and the family believes that supportive healthcare providers make all the difference in Kylie’s health.

After her diagnosis, Kylie’s immediate concern was for her future.

Currently, she has seven doctors. Her choice in colleges will be limited by the need to stay close to home, or face finding a whole new care team. She has had to start wearing coverup make-up and sunscreen, monitor her stress levels, and wear sun protective clothing. She’s constantly managing her health in order to minimize symptoms.

Understandably, kids at school asked a lot of questions about her skin, and the family decided early on to be open about Kylie’s diagnosis. While they initially feared that people would focus on the physical effects of the disease, they began to see a shift in attitudes based on their willingness to talk about lupus.

Ultimately, Kylie was named prom queen and her optimism about the future rebounded.

“I won’t change the plans for my life because of this disease. I won’t let lupus define who I am and who I’m going to be in the future. I am not afraid.

My plan is to face the challenges with a positive and optimistic attitude. I will continue to ride horses and I will go to college. I am the same person inside, I may have lupus but lupus does not have me.”

As for right now, Kylie is organizing a purple foam dance party for lupus awareness in August, and her Walk to End Lupus team “K. Crew” has already exceeded its fundraising goals. We’re so inspired by your optimism and energy, Kylie!
Honest Maids continues to do good by our community through volunteerism that takes our teams to churches, fairs, community centers but just as important for us is our dedication and deep personal understanding of what lupus does to people and we are very proud of offering free home cleaning to those who are struggling with this condition. Unfortunately lupus cannot be cured but through healthy lifestyle changes that include more rest and less stress – lupus can be put to sleep and kept that way. We try to be an asset in that fight.

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Cleaning with bleach at home linked to some childhood illnesses


Health conscious parents who keep their homes clean and disinfected may have a new worry: a new study suggests that the home use of bleach might be linked to an increased risk of infections in children.

After surveying the parents of more than 9,000 children from three countries researchers saw a modest 20 percent increase in influenza, a 35 percent increase in tonsillitis and an 18 percent increase in any kind of infection, among kids between the ages of 6 and 12, according to the report published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Even after accounting for factors such as passive smoke exposure in the home, parental education, the presence of household mold and the use of bleach to clean schools, the researchers determined home use of bleach was linked to the illnesses..

This is why you will never see Honest Maids using harsh compound chemicals – we care about our little ones – pets and children.
The researchers, led by Lidia Casas of the Centre for Environment and Health in Belgium, suspect that irritating compounds released into the air by bleach are breathed into the lungs by children, leading to inflammation and a higher susceptibility to infections. Also, independent experts say the findings fall in line with other reports linking cleaning products to adverse health effects in children with asthma.
Local First Arizona


Make Polish Not War

make wood polish

Is easy, You’ll think your in the 70’s

1. Extra Light Olive Oil
2. Two large fresh full lemons

Get yourself an empty spray bottle, around 12oz, and pour 2/3 of the light olive oil into it. Cut and squeeze the lemons onto the spray bottle, shake it all up and voila! You got yourself a very efficient, good for your furniture treatment. Happy cleaning!

Up next, we’ll show you some nifty uses for this polish! Even if you don’t make it and just go buy the wax or buy the liquid…You will love these little tricks.

Have you received a clean from us? Please give us a yelp review! We need your help.  Thank you in advance! click here to do so.
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Never Self Clean Your Oven

Be Honest, when was the last time you cleaned your oven?

oven (1)

Stop before you hit the self-clean button on your appliance — it’s unfortunately not that easy. Most oven repair calls are due to that very feature. During the self-cleaning process, modern ovens get so hot — we’re talking, like, 1,000 degrees — that the fuse pops and burns out the control panels. Despite this common problem, customers demand the option, making ovens without self-cleaning options difficult to sell.

What’s a germ-fearing baker to do with this vicious cycle? Grab the baking soda.

This easy, toxic-chemical-free way to clean your oven will not only make your appliance shine, it will also keep it in good working order.

1. Remove all that is inside
2. Mix 3-4 table spoons of baking soda with water and lemon juice until you have a thick paste
3. Coat everything inside the oven… it should turn brown.
4. Let sit for minimum 5 Hours.
5. When is time, spray with vinegar…let sit for a few minutes.
6. Wipe off with a wet rag (no napkins, you need something sturdy)
7. Enjoy a clean oven that is naturally cleaned :)

For a clean oven and all other cleaning just give us a call.

Tis the season song


To Deck the clean halls with boughs of holly!
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Honest Maids is better, la la la la.

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I save with Honest Maids,
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Enjoy your clean home, lads and lasses,
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Bonded and insured, all together,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Forget of the mess and weather,
Hire Honest Maids, Fa la la la la.

Think a house cleaner is a luxury you can’t afford?


Here’s the going rate for professional house cleaning services and what additional tasks may cost you.

Keeping your house clean can be a monumental task, especially if you work full time, have young children and or pets. As a result, many busy homeowners are hiring professional house cleaner to help lower their stress and make their lives easier.

House cleaning services are fast becoming a necessity due to longer commute distances, stagnant wages, increased child upbringing demand and combination of all other home ownership errands.

But how much should house cleaning services cost?

How house cleaning services charge

Professional house cleaners typically set house cleaning prices one of two ways: By hour or by square foot. But there is a catch! With franchise cleaning companies their fees are structured in a way that they exploit the most out of their every sale. They charge you by the size of windows, number of windows, number of corners, length of doors, hallways… estimate number of decor items or picture frames… Like any of that really matters.

Rates will also differ based on how often you want these professionals to clean. The more times a house cleaner comes in a month, the lower the price per visit, though this is often a matter of $5 or $10 per clean. At Honest Maids this savings can sum to hundreds of dollars per visit.

Individual cleaners versus cleaning companies

Cleaning companies have to be bonded, most offer insurance protection to its maid employees that cover personal and property damage for each service visit. Traditional freelance individual cleaners do not offer bonded or licensed services. Having to pay for Bonding and Insurance does typically mean an automatic increased in fees, maybe up to $5 per visit. Choosing an individual just to save $5 is not really worth the risk. Hire HM Today!

Many individuals also run their own cleaning businesses but may not be licensed and often want to be paid in cash or by personal check. Their rates are typically lower, and often their ability is equal or superior to large companies. But there’s little recourse for a homeowner if a job isn’t done completely to your satisfaction, especially if the cleaner chooses to shut down his or her operation. There’s also a concern if an individual cleaner gets ill or has a personal emergency. Some who have hired individuals have reported being taken advantage of by their individual housekeeper. Companies, like Honest Maids have backups available all trained for efficiency and reliability.

What you get for your money

While there’s no “standard” for cleaning services, most house cleaners in phoenix will include basic tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, toilet scrubbing, shower cleaning, general kitchen cleaning and tidying up. All Honest Maids visits are considered deep because we do more during each visit such as cleaning base boards, dusting/wiping floor corners, scrub bathroom and tile as needed and more.

According to according to Dr. Gupta being constantly stressed can cut up to 5 years off your life.

Some professional house cleaners bring their own tools and products with them, while many individuals want you to provide the necessary cleaning supplies.

Extra costs in house cleaning

For those who charge primarily by the hour, if you want a particularly deep clean in an area, or require specific products, expect to pay more.

When you hire Honest Maids either for 1 time visit or recurring you will get truly honest, reliable, screened, and efficient professionals who won’t charge you more for special requests, bring their own state of the art tools and best selection of cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and safe for your and your family.

Having a cleaning service visit your home is no longer a luxury, it has become a necessity that is needed for many to remain happy, have stable homes, less stress, less hassle and enjoy more personal free off-work time doing what you like. Honest Maids was created with that purpose – help eliminate stress because we know first hand how horrible this silent killer can be. Without services like ours, long work ours and even longer commutes, short days, children and family needs… you don’t stand a chance. Check out our services and fight for a healthier life.


Maids, We’re Not Losers

Maids of Phoenix Home Cleaning Services

We have been in business for a short while, but this is a good thing. Our team is working harder than any other maid service out there to ensure your complete satisfaction. Honest Maids team members are not afraid to work hard and earn your trust and complete satisfaction.

Honest Maids team huddle group

Honest Maids of Phoenix AZ

Running a business is harder than it seems, you might think “Oh, she has a cleaning business. That’s super easy to launch!” or “Wow, she got a business degree and is doing that?” Some people even go as far as assuming that me and my team are doing this because we can’t do anything else. Well let me tell you that running a cleaning company is difficult, growing it much more. Also know that you offering house cleaning as owner operator is not the same thing as running a company that is competing with large multi-million dollar franchise companies.

I’m writing this because I want to share some aspects of growing a business.

Part of our compensation and benefits to our maid team is that we will work with them to build a team of dedicated members under each who commits to the values and efforts Honest Maids is about. We will do our best to get them their own franchise in their own area fully and independently operated by them. This letter should give them a bit of insight too onto what they should expect. There are days were Honest Maids receives 10 calls a day, there’s others where we get none. In this environment marketing and pricing is everything but we are working hard to build a trustworthy brand that doesn’t have to compete on price alone and instead compete based on quality and commitment.

To do so, there is a branding effort that must take place, the strategies for this are time consuming and any misstep can cause the entire plan to fail. We depend a lot on social media- why? Well

  • Franchise companies have hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in Google Search results, we can’t compete with that.
  • Referrals are huge in this type of business, we are still building ours – most clients will freely share with friends but is harder than it seems to get customers to go to Yelp or others to leave a good review. Unless that review is bad, then you better bet they will be there.
  • A lack of Yelp or Google or BBB reviews is actually a good thing because of this, but few people realize that. Social Media remains key.
  • My husband is a marketing genius! Really! He has achieved for our website to receive hundreds of visits a day on a $0 ad budget. All content and all just good PR which is free.

We would love to use Yelp, and although you can leave reviews there of us we don’t promote in it. WHY NOT?

  • Yelp is running like a mob, unless you are a business you might not realize that you get blackmailed into spending “advertising” with them.
  • Competing businesses are promoted in your own profile!! Unless of course you pay hundreds of dollars a month to keep them from doing that.
  • My personal thought is that once you receive a call from them and reject their “ads service” they stop or reduce the search results for your business!! I tracked this after I noticed a sudden drop in visits where before we had a ton of traffic. – Again, my thoughts based on experience.
  • This leads me to this, if you want Yelp to show more of your business you guessed it! You gotta pay!
  • If you want to have a slideshow of your products or completed services…Yup! You gotta pay!
  • Restrict Competitors Ads on your own page? Yup, you gotta pay!
  • Then they have their actual ad services which help you in return appear in competitors profiles.

So as you see, marketing can be difficult and expensive. Social Media is by far the best approach, as a business owner there are many things I need to make sure get done, like payroll and other HR issues, sales are being processed, insurances and bonding get added to each job and maid member, answer customer and employee phone calls (although my husband takes care of this for the most part).

My husband, he has been helping with a lot of the workload, but the burden falls on me since this is my business and my company. Employee and Customer satisfaction is a team responsibility. So as you can see, there is a lot to do no matter what business you are in and marketing, building a reputation, crafting an image, spreading the word, getting visitors to your website, complying with state and local laws, keeping customers happy, earning trust, building a team, helping with cleans, training and growing the business is not a menial task. It requires a savvy entrepreneur who can take on big enterprises and do so with her chin up.

Yes we clean homes and do so with pride.


Don’t forget, let us clean your home before or after guests visit. Call or Text 602-500-2285