A New Way To Franchising


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Many of us have a dream of owning our own business and while the majority of us can’t figure out what to do, how to start, and when to take the plunge there are a lot of of us who look into franchising as an option to get in business for ourselves.

Franchising however is too damn expensive!
Forget about the time it takes to research the right company, the right market and industry and then go through the application process, the financing process and then training… Woah! …and you still have monthly royalties to have to pay and minimums to meet.

That’s why Honest Maids has come up with a new way to do Franchising
Let’s face it, the cleaning industry is very competitive because is so easy and affordable to start on your own right away. The cleaning janitorial industry is so sought after because is so lucrative, you can make as much money as you are able to earn working directly on the jobs yourself or simply running a business and closing deals for your teams. Starting a business might be easy, but what most don’t realize is that is super hard to actually grow a cleaning business by yourself promoting the same way everyone else does and to the same people. The fact that this industry is so easy to get into is actually a huge reason why many don’t make it – most new owners lack the discipline and insight to grow sustainably. That’s where Honest Maids comes in.
This Arizona based company has figured out that instead of competing against one another, business owners should work together to help control prices and expectations by consumers. This company has also leveraged the power of social media and digital inbound marketing which has helped it grow in to a total of 7 cities and several states. For those who are starting out and want to compete solely based on price, the harsh reality is that they won’t last but if they join forces under a brand that is helping promote their business in their market and requires no monthly minimums, no royalties – well that just a no brainer – why wouldn’t you join?
Honest Maids sells Branding Memberships!
A new business owner interested in a franchise just has to pass an initial application process, and then subscribe to the companies marketing campaign efforts. Each month that you pay you have the right to leverage their brand, get included in their marketing campaign, receive training, leads, support and more. Similar to a franchise but without the ridiculously high fees! This is how franchises should always operate because when a company helps their new members succeed their overall brand power increases, their profits increase and their sustainability increase. Is how franchising should be done – on membership with no minimal almost-zero financial pre-requisites. Start your own business as a membership owner of an Honest Maids in your city. Email info@honestmaids.co for more details.